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How to: prep yourself for photographs

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

One month before:

  1. Invest in a keratin treatment: it helps you achieve stronger, healthier hair.

  2. See a dermatologist/ esthetician: they can give you a breakdown of your skin and set you up for success

  3. For bridal- have a hair and makeup trial. Also, buy or pick out your lip color and any other makeup items that are needed. (usually blot powder/ papers, eyelash glue) *see below for recommendations.

One week before:

  1. Get your brows groomed: whether you wax, tweeze, tint or laminate go to your professional and get groomed for you won't have to worry or pluck the day of. Manipulation of the brows can cause irritation and redness.

  2. Drink water.

  3. Get waxed: face and body parts of your choice. So your already smooth and prepped. Once again hair and skin manipulation can cause redness and irritation.

  4. Get an eyelash lift and tint: the bright eyed no makeup- makeup look.

  5. Whiten those teeth

  6. Have your hair professional cut/ color you hair: fresh color always looks best, dont forget the conditioning/ olaplex treatment.

  7. Eat your vegetables, cut out the processed foods.

Couple days before:

  1. Get a tan if you choose: Get a subtle glow or whatever base the occasion may call for.

  2. Meditation + light stretching = de stress

  3. Drink water

  4. Manicure and pedicure! neutral, clean, polished nails please. Scrub the dead skin and lotion those feet and hands

  5. Prep clothing and shoes your going to wear. For photoshoots- Bring 5-6 flattering outfits to fit your size. Something dark, light, fun, sexy; consider necklines/ texture, avoid prints unless necessary. For wedding - lingerie, pajamas, next day outfit, morning of outfit/ robes.

Night before:

  1. Drink all the water

  2. Apply a tanning lotion or get a light spray tan if necessary. Don't forget to wash your hands really well after.

  3. Do your nighttime skin care regimen.

  4. Pack snacks, clothing, makeup, hair care, water, shoes and emergency essentials.

*If getting body painted don't forget monster pasties, seamless panties (target has great variety of colors, sizes and styles), a robe, phone charger and hand/ feet warmers

Morning of:

  1. Shower - If washing your hair make sure you dry your hair completely.

  2. Lotion your whole body.

  3. Drink water!

  4. Exfoliate your face + lips

  5. Apply a hydrating serum and spf

  6. Put on a comfortable outfit, something easy to get out of after hair/ makeup

  7. Breathe, relax and have fun

What to pack in your bag

curling/ straight iron




hair pins

hair oil

jewelry and accessories

extra outfit - (at least) shirt, jeans, leggings

extra undergarments - (at least) underwear, bra, socks

face wash

skincare - (at least) spf, toner, moisturizer, serum



oil blot sheets

makeup - (at least) concealer, mascara, eyelash glue, powder, lip balm, lip color


water bottle

Favorites right now


NYX shine loud

Sephora lip stains

Haus labs lip gloss/ lip crayon

MAC lip oil/ lipsticks

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