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Products I love based on your hair type

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

I choose product based of porosity, hair type and desired outcome. Once you examine your hair then you can customize the right couple of products you need and get rid of all those old products you never use.

Your hair type is determined by the shape of your follicle on your scalp that the hair strand grows out of. The flatter the follicle, the curlier the hair; the more circular, the straighter the hair. Simply put there are 4 types: Type 1-straight, type 2-wavy, type 3-curly, type 4-coils. There are also sub-classifications based on width and density of the strand; A-wider pattern size, B-medium, C-smallest.

Note: Identifying your pattern is easiest when the hair is wet. It's also common to have multiple types of curl on one head. If your hair has suffered excessive heat or chemical damage you might not be able to identify your true pattern. You will have to customize your hair care and change products when your hair gets healthier.

Products and tools everyone needs:

Wide tooth comb/ Wet brush

Boar bristle brush

Bamboo or microfiber hair towel (no cotton)

Silk pillowcase/ bonnet

Vitamins, supplements, WATER and vegetables

8 hours of sleep every night

Meditation and a therapist

Davines: SOLU shampoo/ sea salt scrub, MOMO hair potion, blow dry primer, MELU shampoo/conditioner/ hair shield, relaxing moisturizing fluid, shimmer mist, dry texturizer

Olaplex: No. 3 hair perfecter, No. 4 shampoo, No. 5 conditioner, No. 6 bond smoother, No.7 bonding oil

*Apply cream based moisture while wet to penetrate/ moisturize and oils when dry to act as a barrier to environmental and mechanical damage. Oil + water don't mix.

Oligo: (chemically treated hair) 18 in 1 hair beautifier, Intensive replenishing mask, shine drops

*The less you cleanse your body will adjust and produce less oil instead of overcompensating - wash your hair every other day or x2/ week

Type 1: Straight

Note: With type 1 hair, you want to avoid shampooing too often. Overdoing the shampoo triggers your scalp to produce excess sebum, leading to greasy, overly shiny hair.

DO- Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to balance excess oils. Try a layered haircut for volume, body and movement. I recommend to use a lightweight leave in moisturizer and heat protecting products.

DONT- Avoid chemically processed oils and silicone based products.

1A- straight as a pin, soft, shiny, a bit wispy, and doesn’t hold curls well. MELU hair shield

1B- mostly straight, but with more body than type 1A. VOLU spray

1C- generally straight, but with body and a bit of bend. LOVE smoothing serum

Davines: VOLU/ DEDE shampoo and conditioner, Volu hair mist, texturizing serum, hair refresher, DEDE hair mist, volume boost mousse, texturizing dust

Type 2: Wave

DO: Leave in serum, mousse, castor oil, cleansing conditioner

DONT: Sulfates, heavy creams, hard gels

2A- is fine and thin with a loose S pattern, and it’s generally easy to manage. Moisturizing mousse

2B- is medium thickness with a more defined S shape, prone to frizz and harder to manage. Sea salt spray

2C- is coarse and thick with a prominent S pattern, almost curly. Clarifying shampoo once a week. DEDE hair mist + Moisturizing mousse

Davines: NOUNOU shampoo/ conditioner/ mask, MOMO shampoo/ conditioner/ hair potion, DEDE, sea salt spray, DEDE hair mist, LOVE curl cream, LOVE curl shampoo/ conditioner/ mask/ cleansing cream

*Apply creams then separate and wrap curls while wet, manipulate and then don't touch - listen to your curls and never fight them. Once dry separate them - don't brush them - and apply oils. Curl/ wave/ coils don't allow for natural oils to travel down length of hair; conditioning with oils on the ends in the morning and evening is a must.

Type 3: Curl

DO: satin pillow case/ bonnett, castor oil, cleansing conditioner

DONT: brush out when dry to avoid frizz

3A- hair is made up of loose, lustrous curls with a large circumference and wave-like appearance. LOVE curl cream + LOVE revitalizer

3B- consists of springy corkscrew curls, a bit coarse but with good volume. Curl moisturizing mousse

3C- has extremely dense, tightly defined coils with a narrow circumference and a lot of volume. LOVE curl controller

Davines: LOVE curl shampoo/ conditioner/ mask/ cleansing cream, curl building serum, curl moisturizing mousse, LOVE curl cream, LOVE curl controller, LOVE curl primer, LOVE curl revitalizer, oil non oil, LOVE hair smoother

Type 4: Coils

DO: moisture, hydration, castor oil

DONT: comb or brush once dry

4A- is tightly curled and has an S pattern when stretched out with the least amount of shrinkage. wash n go, LOVE curl cream + DEDE hair mist

4B- is tight coils in a Z pattern with a high level of shrinkage, and the coils are not well-defined without styling products. LOVE curl primer + curl controller

4C- is tight, close coils with the highest level of shrinkage(75%+) and least amount of definition. DEDE hair mist + castor oil

Davines: LOVE curl shampoo/ conditioner/ mask/ cleansing cream, curl building serum, LOVE curl controller, oil non oil, LOVE hair smoother

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