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Alien Warrior Princess

A behind the scenes look at a character Liza and I created. We were given the opportunity to create an original character to model at Hairborn Salons Uncharted Creatives art show. I've always wanted to do a some kind of alien creature, something inspired from star wars and guardians of the galaxy. For this project I wanted her to be edgy, sexy and powerful mimicking the vibe of Uncharted Creatives.

We conceptualized and tested for days. We put her outfit together from found pieces.

Liza made her hair from a wig, completely dreading and dying it all by hand, it took weeks. She secured it to the models head and styled it with her own hair. Liza completed the look with a crystal crown-also made by hand!

I applied a foam cheek appliance and the forehead pieces were from nose and scar wax. I painted her hands, stomach, face and neck with airbrush and stencils.

She's from Keplar-22b

Uncharted Creatives.

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